About Joelle



I am Mama to an incredible baby boy, but this is not a typical Mom blog.

 I seriously lack a lot of “Mom talents”, particularly when compared to other Millennial parents.  Between you and me, I prefer enjoyment of life to stressing over perfectly planned theme parties, decorations, and recipes.  My baby nursery is neither finished nor Pinterest-worthy.  I am am not artistic or crafty.  I can’t knit or sew.   

I could spend all weekend cleaning the house,  but I’d rather take my son out on a new adventure or activity.  I could spend money on shiny new furniture, but I’d prefer take a family vacation.  Sometimes I just drop my kid off at Grandma’s and spend the evening playing video games and drinking wine with my husband.

A lot of Mom blogs discuss the realities (and prevalence) of postpartum depression.  Moms are constantly talking about how stressed and under-appreciated they are.  Parenting will always have its challenges, however I can’t help but wonder if we are doing it all wrong.  If we simplify and stop trying so hard,  Moms might be a lot happier and parenting could be a lot more fun.

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