Favorite Meals From This Week

What's Gabe Eating

Gabe is past the stage of “I do it myself” and will accept a spoon sometimes, which allows for food to be slightly messier than just finger food.  Still, I find it peaks his interest more if I place the food directly on his tray, with at least some large pieces he can pick up himself.


Oatmeal cooked with homogenized milk and mixed berries, cooled down with a spoonful of plain full-fat yogurt.  The berries were a combination of pitted cherries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Diced fresh pineapple

An egg scrambled with feta cheese, spinach, and olive oil.

And YES, he ate it all!


Tuna with a spoonful of mayonaise and a dash of pepper.  I use canned tuna after thoroughly rinsing off the salt in a strainer.

Diced tomatoes

Diced cheddar cheese


Cooked spinach

Sweet potato fries. I used the President Choice frozen ones.  Big hit!

Kidney beans seasoned with a spoonful of slow cooker chilli.  I tried giving him the chilli for lunch – since it wasn’t spicy at all – still he hated it.  He was happy with a little flavour in his beans though!

A chicken leg cooked in the slow cooker with olive oil and seasonings.  I scrape it off the bone a roughly dice into smaller pieces.



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