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I am re-hashing this post that I did for a blog prior to The Intelligent Elephant.  Back then, I was single and wrote it as more of a “game plan” for something new I wanted to try.  Little did I know, I would meet the man of my life in less than 2 months!

When I was single, I hated online dating.  It took hours to screen through profiles to find even one decent date.  There is also the major annoyance of blocking trolls and suffering inappropriate messages (especially as a woman).  If you are struggling with dating online and looking for alternatives, this post is for you !!

The idea is to constantly put yourself in settings where the chances of meeting new people is high.

Essentially, you put yourself in a room with a group of people instead of meeting them one-by-one.  You will find yourself drawn to the ones you are attracted to, and vice versa.  Even if you end up somewhere there are no potential dates, you might make new friends or just have a plain ol’ good time!

The key is to attend events ALONE as much as possible.  If you must attend with a friend, make sure you split up for a good part of the evening.  If you’re clinging onto your BFF all night, you will miss all the opportunities.  Also important: leave your expectations behind.  If you are meant to meet someone, you will.  You will frequent places where there is a higher chance of meeting someone new, but not a guarantee that you will.

Without further ado, here are 5 ways to meet new people and have fun:

1. Dance Lessons

Talent and experience not required.  Remember, everyone in a beginner class is a beginner so don’t worry if you have two left feet!  There are many styles to choose from: ballroom, salsa, bachata, two-step, swing.  You are automatically coupled with new people and figure out the steps together. Many dance studios and clubs hold regular social events which are a perfect opportunities to mingle once you’ve grasped the basics.  I highly recommend this one because I met Alex at a salsa dance event!

2. Solo Travel

I met so many interesting people while solo traveling!  It does not have to be anywhere exotic.  Discover a new city within your own state or province.  A great way to meet other travellers is to stay in group hostels.

3. Meet Up Groups

The Meet Up  app can be dowloaded for free onto your phone.  It is designed to help you meet new people with locally hosted events e.g. hiking, art classes, singles groups and so forth.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is a fantastic way to get out and meet new peeps.  I did work for Habitat for Humanity  , with the added bonus of learning construction skills.  There are literally 1000s of volunteer opportunities out there, so start the google search!

5. Sport or Activity Clubs

Edmonton has the Edmonton Sport & Social Club featuring a variety of drop-in, tournament, and league organized sports.  Try using Google search engine to find organized sports clubs in your area.  This wasn’t on top of my list (I don’t have a athletic bone in my body), but is the perfect option for all your athletically-inclined types.


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  1. Great ideas…I’m not a huge fan of online dating. I think you’re right on track with trying to find ways to meet face to face!

  2. Hi Joelle! Great post! I know a lot of people who met online and eventually got married, but I also know a lot of people who want nothing to do with online dating. I’m happily married but if I wasn’t I would be thrilled by your great advice.

  3. I personally prefer dating someone I met in person than dating someone I met online that way you get to know the person more intimately.In fact meeting someone in a person has a higher chance for a lasting relationship than online dating according to my observation

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